The Asian Place is a multicultural Desi Asian Forum Community growing fast every day! We have some of the greatest forumers on our boards, having fun right this minute! Not forgetting we have some of the greatest moderators online that insure you receive the best and only the best experience from our forums. The moderators keep the forums clean and tidy for you to experience the desi vibe like never before!

The Asian Place is not like any other forum out there, we pride ourselves for being the most interactive and active forum on the internet! Most importantly no other forum on the internet has so many features nor custom forums like we have established, this is what keeps our visitors entertained and coming back for more! (Without giving too much of our secrets away!) What we are most proud of is that we have Non-Asian's / Desi's who come here to find out more about the Asian Desi Culture! It is quite evident that we are not just an ordinary Desi Asian forum but a forum that welcomes people from all backgrounds and creeds!

The Asian Place was first established in August 08, 2004 The Asian Place began on a free forum host, there were many limitations in running a free forum and the risks were just too great. Nevertheless the forum kept on growing, it was evident The Asian Place had so much potential and had to be moved out and established elsewhere with full ownership. After only a year, it was time to move and reach out to all corners of the earth!

To cut a long story short, The Asian Place has achieved so much over the past 4 years and has been growing rapidly ever since. We are only dedicated to bringing you the best online experience like you have never experienced before! We are not like other forums, why not join us and find out for yourself? Our ideas are always unique if not different than to any other forum. The Asian Place has already established a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) for our members. This enables our members to not only be able to chat via the browser on our forums but also to have a person-to-person/group voice chat via our (VOIP) client that we have obtained. This is why The Asian Place is always unique and is first for new ideas!

The Asian Place has noticed it is already setting an example to other forums, in terms of forum etiquette, design and experience. It wont be long till other forums begin to emulate The Asian Place with the great features and functions that we have to offer along with the great community that we are.

Remember! We Lead! They follow!


The Asian Place Team
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