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Due to a high presence of students visiting our forums, and also by suggestion The Asian Place has decided to cater for students! We now have a dedicated page and forum for all students to visit and mingle in with! We will update you with the latest student buzz, freebies aswell as careers advice! Come in here and chat to other Graduates and students, get help with your work today! We have professionals from Computer graduates to people who are studying Medicine! We have a wide range of people to cater for your needs.

Meet other students alike! Whether you are in school, college, university or even if your in your late 40's and still studying! You have come to the right place regardless of how old you are, so as long you are a student we will make sure you benefit from this site as much as possible! This page is still under construction in the mean time please visit our student forum section. Click Here

Remember! We Lead! They follow!


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