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Voodookids' Blog

Hello all. welcome to the weird and wonderful world of ME!
Here you will enjoy and share the wonderful journey i undertake in my mind.
some might think its interesting and funny, and some may not like it. and for those of the latter.. "i dont give a shit what you think.."

also to all the ladies, whatever you read in these blogs i take no responsibility for. If what you read makes you randy and horny then just follow my lead

you can be my Beyonce and il be ur Jay!

  1. goodbye!

    goodbye all..

    its farewell from me..
  2. friends...

    sum ppl are such noobs.. i tell thee..

    ppl claiming to be ur friends whn all der after is something from you.. be it whteva..
    regardless.. i hate these kinds of ppl.. its happened to me, plenty times, and happened to friends of mine..

    y do ppl make themselves look betta to get close to sum1 only for them to get found out? im sure if u b honest from the start u will gain more respect from tht person to begin with rather than setting ur friendship up from lies.. ...
  3. flamin' asians

    Dont you just hate asians whn it comes to business.

    i got this 1 asian client, and he came to me just before ramzaan asking for some design work. Now my policy is that b4 we start working on any project a deposit of 50% of the final cost must be paid, cuz so the client doesnt waste my designers time.
    Anyways, he came up with the "oh i know ur dad for a long time and so and so"
    so i call my dad and he said he, hes a gud guy and so i let the 50% deposit slip (not ...
  4. So like..

    howdy all. my first post on the blogs it seems.

    so what do i write here? my thoughts perhaps? my feelings? pour my heart out for complete strangers to read? or should i just make some random bullshit up that i think would be interesting for some sad souls in the wonderful world of the t'internet..?

    well. today was quite a productive day. woke up at about 1pm. had brunch which consisted of 2 bowls of crunchy nut cornflakes, a latte and a slice of toast with jam and 1 slice ...
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