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GuNDaM Stole MiSs Poem

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I look back and let my mind wonder towards the times where things were perfect and nothing could go wrong. however that was all an illusion. and all we can ever expect is a ray of light in every dark cloud that darkens our path. life is too short. un-predictable. treat people how you want to be treated yourself. call God in times of need. an it shall be heard from you.

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  1. MiSs's Avatar


    first my voice.
    now this.

    lool x x
  2. MR WHO's Avatar
    imma jack this cuz half of the poem is mine
    well the thing accully was mine...but u just added words o fill the missing gap...
    looks like we make a good team
  3. MiSs's Avatar
    yeah yeah
  4. MR WHO's Avatar
    haha fess up madam :P
  5. MiSs's Avatar
    what was the original.
  6. MiSs's Avatar
    before I did it
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