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Thread: Soft A-Levels

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    Default Soft A-Levels

    Two articles I found interesting while I was reading the usual new follow below:

    School Gate - Times Online - WBLG: The truth about those "soft" A levels

    School Gate - Times Online - WBLG: Which A level subjects are too soft to take?

    A good read if you are aged 16-19 (or above).

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    LOL all my a-levels are too soft?

    do i care no..

    Cuz i'm happy where I'm heading....

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    That happens here when you do your final two years of highschool there are some subjects that are more heavily weighted when it comes to our OP scores to get into uni. However, once you get into uni.. most people can change courses quite easily just based on their GPA so the OP actually really doesn't mean much. I guess that's the beauty of uni, once your in you can really change to whatever course you want.
    Peace, Love and Glee...

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    So true Ranj...

    Some Russell Group universities actually do "Soft Courses" but to get into them, you need "Hard A-Levels". I wonder why is that the case? I'm guessing that they would want to know how far you brain can be stretched when learning something. At each end of the spectrum, there are hard subjects and soft subjects. Sciences and can't compare one with the other but you can surely rank them within their group.

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