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The Asian Place has its own groups, clubs and societies within the forum it self. Groups allow you to join a movement that are solely based around your own interests, hobbies and share your way of thinking. Groups, Societies and Clubs are like small nit communities headed by the group leader, it can be based around science, books or even politics! Groups can literally be about anything!

Groups are only created when there is real interest in something. Groups are only formed when there are 10 or more people who share the same or similar interests as yourself. The member who is the founder of the group is known as the group leader. You join groups from your user control panel, you select which group you want to join. After you have submitted a "Join Request" with a brief reason as to why you want to join. The group leader will then read your reason for wanting to join and decide if you are eligible to join or not.

All groups get their own forum section which is moderated by the group leader(s), default AP forum rules apply and act as an umbrella to all or any sub forums hosted on "The Asian Place".

We currently have two groups running at the moment, Click Here to see a list of groups, or Click Here to view all available group memberships. *Note you must be a registered user to join a group. This page is still under construction.

Remember! We Lead! They follow!


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