Voice Chat

In order to use The Asian Place Voice Chat service you will need to obtain a minimum of the following:
Download The Asian Place voice client programme and follow the installation steps, it should take you less than a minute to install. Just keep pressing "Next".

Furthermore you must meet the following points listed below and must be a registered user on our Forums to be entitled to use our VOIP service fully. We wont accept those who just register to the forums for the sake of using our VOIP service.
Finally once you have met all the requirements above, and have installed the VOIP Client. you must first request for permission within this section of the forum, asking any server admin currently present to grant you rights to register with the server. Server admins are predominantly the forum moderators of The Asian Place. You must be present within the VOIP client "Lounge" whilst you post a request on the forums. The server admin will then verify your username before allowing you to register. Once your registration rights have been granted, the server admin will guide you through the stages of registering you with the server.

We also encourage you to read the following guide, step by step detailed below. This will give you a better understanding and make your user experience on our VOIP service user friendly.

Installation Step by Step User Guide

Step 1: The Asian Place

Step 2: The Asian Place

Step 3: The Asian Place

Step 4: The Asian Place

Step 5: The Asian Place

Step 6: The Asian Place

Step 7: The Asian Place

Step 8: The Asian Place

Step 9: The Asian Place

Step 10: The Asian Place

Step 11: The Asian Place


The next time you want to start up the VOIP client all you need to do is open it, and Select Connections > Quick Connect > Connect. It will already have the server IP address and your username in place. But you will need to enter your registration password each time you login. This is way you will save much time! Refer back to step 9.

If you are experiencing any difficulties then please email: support[at]theasianplace[dot]net

The Asian Place Team