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24-09-2008, 00:54
Watch this video first...

YouTube - The End of Poverty - The "Homework" of Our Generation

Watch this secondly...

YouTube - Working to Help the Poor in Rural Bangladesh

The guy is doing a great work... it goes to show how much you could do to help so many people for so little amount of your time and money. Naturally we ask for pleasurable items or things that satisfy our desires... games, extra clothes, tv, films food etc which can be expensive.

But these kids are not interested in pleasurable's.. they are asking for necessities... things we take for granted... such as paper... clothes and medicine... their desires consist of necessities which every human being has the right to...

It costs so little to help so many to make a big difference! I was calculating $59 for 90 books and pens along with chalk... thats helping 90 kids for a mere 35!

The Desi American dude is trying so hard to speak "shuddoh basha" the native language of Bangladesh. Different districts have their different dialects.. i speak Sylheti and i find "Shuddoh Basha" quite difficult as he did and noticed a tiny bit of Sylheti coming out of him here and there.

24-09-2008, 21:58
who is that guy. swear Iv seen him some where :oh

its people like that we need in this world. mashallah. bless him.
little things like, blankets, he's giving could make a big difference to some one out there whos freezing to death in the cold during the winter time.
could even save a life.

helping 90 kids for as little as 35? thats not a great deal of money for people from this country.

to be honest actually. Id want to go help people with my own hands if I could, like this guy is doing instead of just giving it to some charity.

Iv always wanted to go back home if ever I manage to make quite a good deal of money. an do stuff an help people around my homeland/village first. an then any other people I can after.

lol @ guy tryin to speak shuddu basha <) bless him x

24-09-2008, 21:59
watched both video's. very good thumbsup;

24-09-2008, 23:20
Thanks for that. That's quite inspirational.

Puts things into perspectives. Here we take everything for granted and never think about how blessed we really are. We have relationship problems or work problems or family problems or we get a spot or we break a nail or any little thing and we feel like our whole life is falling apart. Selfish people we are.

I'd love to do what he did someday.

24-09-2008, 23:37
What an amazing guy.

From the first video, the speech from 2:20 onwards had me lost for words. :sad: