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life can be such a.....

daymn family life can be so tough....happily married to hubby and sharing a son it almost too good to be true for me....

today my hubbys big bro had a go at me for 'shouting' at his sis who yes is 5 months older then me but since im married to her older bro that makes me older in reltaion right?

argh i was sooo angry got sooooo annoyed how he could shout at me and say
"who is older for u to make my sister cry"

i was like OMG what can i say.... did not shout i was trying to be louder than Farhaans shouting...ami in the wrong?

although i didnt do or say jack it hurted aot felt like i wernt part of the family i cried alot today...alot....its strange the littlest things hurt the most....

  1. been time...

    heya all alls good i hope?

    been a while been so busy...moved had the whole family over in the space of last few months and trust me my family is huggggeee....just thought it was over but here comes ramadan gonna b hectic but the best of the year when you can consider yourself a true muslim and celebrate in style...well Farhaans gettin to be a big boy now potty training and all that now all i gotta do is get him ready for nursery next year....thinking about it makes me wanna cry lol ...
  2. buzi buzi tymssss1


    mayyyyyyyyn been soooooooo buzi buzi

    yup ive moved got over all the crazy visits from family and yet am sho buzi

    its lovley where ive moved im abso lovin it..

    also ma dad aint been too good lodsha shites goin on daddys back home so its hard to know when hes really ok oh if dey chattin shite not 2 worry us....he keeps sayin pray for me....scaresthe shite outta me cant bare to think about losin him yet he gta wait 4ma sons weddin. ...
  3. busy busy busy

    damn 3 sisters...5 nephews and 2 neices....

    all coming over for the April half term holiday....

    kinda nervous ive never cooked fed and well been hostess to that many people before im usually the one that goes over to their place now they all wanna escape and come down to my place!

    mmmh thinkin of the things i can cook for them and things to keep them occupied got what t a month to plan on top of all that got ma 21st to plan for May rah i got so much to think ...
  4. wippi doo daaa


    goodness im so excited its like really really first proper place rah and its gorjuz too newbuild and everything so as years pass on me and farhaan can leave our special mark there cant wait

    gonna sign tenantcy on tuesday sooo happy thinking of coulour schemes etc. still 1 prob short on cash for new furniture

    sure somethind will come along just gotta save up but since we just settling ...
  5. V day.....plans....

    uh oh creeepin up V day now....i been with hubby 4 erm.....6.5yrs always ceebrate valentines with the most unique gift idea i can get my hands on....this yr not just hubby Farhaan 2 cos i loove dem both soooooooo much so heres the plan.....

    am. flowers arrive for hubby he always gets me so i wanted to do it 4 him this yr....

    pm. go to tropical rainforest in Syon Park so summat 4 farhaan too oh and we gna have picnic der.....

    late pm. .....canal boat ride ...
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