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  1. Zero's Avatar
    Drink plenty of water. It works for me.

    (Just about)
  2. $ing$tar's Avatar
    yeah same i have really sensitive skin
  3. Madly Blooming's Avatar
    i do try shelim but there's so much advice n i dont wanna permanently damage my skin cuz im a bit sensitive to some chemicals. i try natural ways but i have no idea if they do work. n i dont have health insurance so i cant afford to go to the doctors!
  4. shelim's Avatar
    for scars you go to your doctor he can tell you what to use or go to any dermatologist or even look online its not hard to find thre are lots of things my mates used to get rid of scars and marks and THEY WORK...

    Use the Internet my lovelies
  5. $ing$tar's Avatar
    aww i have the same i got a few marks but i dont knw what to use to get rid i guess as we get older they will dispear lol
  6. Madly Blooming's Avatar
    my mom swore it worked in high school for her so i had to try!! ahaha lemme know if u guys find something better to get rid of spots (not acne, but the scarring after it!!) =[=[!!
  7. $ing$tar's Avatar
    LOOL fair & lovley smells nice my cousins use it back home lol but iv never used it, its all bullshit to make money!!
    threading damn reminds me i need to do my eyebrows lol
  8. DJ Popz's Avatar
    Lmao you use that fair and lovely shiz? My sister's used to order it from back home back in the days thinking it works wonders.. epic fail.. although I did use it once though.. or twice.. only cos it felt nice
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