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  1. Crazy Receptionist..!

    Why did I have to take on the task of helping her with an IT problem?

    Went down to help her set up her Netmeeting so another colleague can remote into her machine. Asked her if she uses her Office Communicator (on the offchance she might though pretty obvious she wouldn't!) Security guard laughed and said she wouldn't know what it is to which I laughed and replied "Didn't think she would but on the offchance thought she might" She then replied "No I don't what is that? ...
  2. drug-induced happiness.

    Now im bein dead serious, i thought about it after some dude told me the feeling when he got high with some premium weed, tellin me its like the best feeling he ever had, he saw the world clearer, etc. at first it was funny n im thinkin, has this kid ever felt anything without being chemically induced? ever thought to yourself after some experience, deep reflection, some realization of who you are or really lost yourself in a moment that it was so vivid but blurred everything out around you? ...
  3. very homely song

    makes me feel good =] Exitlude - The Killers
    "Aggressively we all defend the role we play
    Regrettably timeís come to send you on your way
    Weíve seen it all bonfires of trust flash floods of pain
    It doesnít really matter donít you worry itíll all work out
    No it doesnít even matter donít you worry what itís all about.

    We hope you enjoyed your stay
    Itís good to have you with us, even if itís just for the day."

    =]=]=] ...
  4. Nov 10. 2:52 AM

    fuckin ell this fair n lovely anti-marks just aint working.

    i will never thread again

    al this desi crap has messed up my skin. life is not kushty anymore.

    my bum hurts

    its been raining like mad. vampires could live out n about, its not like the sun ever comes out.

    poor me, i cant go to school in january. i cant afford. fuck america. WHITE AMERICA!

    how does one get rid of dark eye circles? i been workin til ...
  5. Blog Blog

    What's goin onnnnnnn?

    Long time..

    Ah what a day! Shit weather, shit on tv, shit day && a bird shit on my car.

    Wtf is this world coming to?

    Miss me? Good.

    Toodles Noodles
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