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  1. Gordon Brown: ‘Today Iraq is a success story’

    As the UK government marked the end of its combat operations in Iraq - though hundreds of troops will remain to guard convoys and train the Iraqi army - British officials today attempted to paint a rosy picture of Britain’s legacy in Iraq, in an effort to rewrite history.

    “I think when the history is written of this campaign, they will say of the British military: 'We did a superb job'” John Hutton, UK Defence Secretary

    "Today Iraq is a success story. Britain can ...
  2. Islam is relevant for all times and places part 3

    Genetically modified foods were addressed by using the evidences for the improvement of the quality of plants and food. The Penicillin was addressed by the evidences, which promote the finding of cures for disease. The double-helix structure of DNA again was addressed by the general evidences for seeking cures, Nuclear technology was addressed by the numerous evidences which indicate the preparing of deterrents and the general permissibility of objects, and E-commerce was addressed by the evidences ...
  3. Islam is relevant for all times and places part 2

    The economic example

    One example to illustrate Islam’s applicability is Islam’s view with regards to economics. Islam has laid down rules for the means to acquire wealth and commodities, how they can be utilised and their manner of disposal. Islam viewed the resources to be ample enough to completely satisfy the basic needs of all. Therefore, amongst a host of other detailed rules, one will find the Shari'ah aims to secure the complete satisfaction of all basic needs (food, clothing ...
  4. Islam is relevant for all times and places

    “But the problem is that it (Islam) does not just oppose libertinism. Having never had a ‘reformation’, which would have forced it to make an accommodation with modernity, it is fundamentally intolerant and illiberal. As a result, it directly conflicts with western values in areas such as the treatment of women, freedom of speech, the separation of private and public values, and tolerance of homosexuality. These are all liberal fundamentals and are not negotiable.”

    (Melanie Phillips,
  5. ..Can't Wait..

    ..For the day you are back in my arms..

    ..I Love You..

    Updated 13-03-2009 at 17:12 by .Prizzle.

    Dear Diary
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