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  1. Cluedo.... Games Night

    hehe yeh.. went over 2 my cuzinz
    we played 4 games of cludeo..
    erm 1st 1.. my cuzin came so we started again
    2nd one .. cuzin said shes not playin as ever1 is cheating

    3rd one we teamed up... man we was so close... but we wernt sure on the weapon.. so the other team one

    same fing happnd for the last game .. same team won jusgt b4 we worked it out.. was so CLOSE!

    yeap just came home now .. think that was the only thing that made my eid alright.. ...

    Updated 20-10-2007 at 23:46 by Cheeky_Princess

    The World Of Arfy ....
  2. My First Entry........

    Hey everyone....
    well 2day is Eid day.. for sum people including myself....
    hmm wht can i say its a normal typical boring eid day as per usal...
    so wht did i do... well i got dragged out of bed.... 2 ave brekkie and den shower.. den get changed .. n look like a xmas tree... go downstairs.. sit like a barbie doll.. until mum served chicken biryani which was yum!
    den went over 2 lil cuzizn for a bit... den went 2 sum gossip auntys house... but i got saved by gettin a fone call ...

    Updated 20-10-2007 at 23:46 by Cheeky_Princess

    The World Of Arfy ....
  3. tis eid.

    well its eid today...tis been a very eventful day my friends car got toed away and then i get so much verbal abbuse from my big great my eid has been.

    why is it that evryones gets all mooody and depressed on eid?

  4. Boring boring Eid Day and a good friend... :)

    First entry and im typing it secretly from a cousins PC.

    This Eid had to be one of the most boring Eids ever!

    I mean when im at home at least i can do what i want without much worry but im sitting here at cousins house since about 5 doing literally nothing, jus being bored out my brains which gets frustrating. Nows been the only time when the PCs been free and cousins are in the other room so ive had to attack and kill my boredom a bit.

    I wanna eat and ...

    Updated 01-02-2008 at 22:36 by Guji-Ji

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