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  1. .,. BrOkeN .,.

    First time in my life I lost control,
    First time in my life
    felt so alone,

    the pain, the hurt,
    couldnt take it NO MORE,
    smashed all to pieces,
    from my fingers-blood poured,

    I looked at myself,
    all shattered an broke,
    just like my mirror,
    there wasnt no hope,

    cant look inside,
    you'l see what is shown,
    just like my mirror,
    my feelings = unknown,

    I dont want attention,
    I dont ...

    Updated 03-01-2009 at 01:08 by MiSs

  2. GuNDaM Stole MiSs Poem

    I look back and let my mind wonder towards the times where things were perfect and nothing could go wrong. however that was all an illusion. and all we can ever expect is a ray of light in every dark cloud that darkens our path. life is too short. un-predictable. treat people how you want to be treated yourself. call God in times of need. an it shall be heard from you.
  3. Big Ass.

    Hi Blog man.

    Hows it hangin?

    Anyway, in the last couple of months I thought I should inform you - my ass has become bigger.

    Its nice now. Nice and round.



    P.S. Happy New Year
  4. Comes From The Heart

    The wish i always wanted is that special someone in my life,
    i look for her, all the time...
    looking looking no matter how hard i look...
    i never find her or rather she walks pass,
    perhaps im the invisible man...
    no matter how strong my heart is,
    my reward is not as easy of a task.
    perhaps destiny wanna fool around wid me some more...
    everything happens for a reason,
    perhaps im good or perhaps im bad one way or the other...
    giving ...
  5. :: Speechless :-:

    At this blank white page I stare,
    So much to say, yet no words there,
    So many things inside my head,
    I try to speak, yet nothings said,

    I love and love,
    and care and care,
    for people who aint really there?

    They do exist.
    but my love doesnt?

    What do I want.
    They never Listen.

    Even though they see me cry,
    They never stop to ask me why,

    Eyes>Blinded>Tears ...
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