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Has Hamas done the impossible?

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have they?

what israel couldnt do in the last 70 years?

what the jews couldnt do in the last 1000 years?

what the christians couldnt do in the last 1000 years?

course i'm talking about the israeli land invasion and the constant attacks. today an attack killed 30 people and injured 55 at a UN ran school. the UN's teeth were long blunted even before this incident and long before the usa invaded iraq - that did alot of the damage to the UN though - it was like yeah ok we know what your saying but we're still going to do what we were gonna anyway and its not as if you can stop us...

but they've done. well done hamas. bravo. i dont know how you managed it

but you did it.

finally they've managed to isolate the whole palestine/gaza region from any support they had.

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  1. Zero's Avatar
    They didn't have any support in the first place.

    Have you been reading wikipedia?
    Updated 08-01-2009 at 21:58 by Zero
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