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call be a bender but i do love cats. i love them a lot more so the kittens like everyone who loves cats do.well this is my 1st blog so il kinda keep it sweet and short. my cats about 4 years old now and i love her to bits but shes a bit of a bitch wen it comes to showing some affection bk. the 1st thing i normally do when i get back home from work etc is to see to the cat. stroke her maybe feed her you know the standard stuff you do. everything has been fine until 2day. i came back from work and i noticed that she had a bite/scratch mark on her neck. and it was a big one because i could also see blood. naturally i was worried and contacted the vet for an emergency appointment. i struggled to get her into the pet cage you use to transport cats. she was clearly distressed and so was i. i was more distressed seeing her checked up since i could clearly see she wasn't having non of it and was really scared. the noises that she made i have never herd before. 2 vets had to physically hold her down while they injected her but i left the room before they carried the injections. once i got her home safe and sound i assumed that shed be normal and sit in front of the fire like she normally does 23 hours a day.instead she stayed in the box which she initially tried running away from, furthermore she ran away from me later on 2day and has not come inside. every time i try caller her she runs away. i feel kind of sad in the sense that she felt the pain while being scared shitless n feel i let her down.

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  1. Spider Pig's Avatar
    sit her down, have a word with her, you did it for her best interest....

    oh wait.. its a cat

    right ermmm give her a mouse or something? :s

    how good is there memory? do something she likes that will make her come to you or out of the cage
  2. shaggy's Avatar
    tuna and some boiled chicken.
  3. Spider Pig's Avatar
    did it work?

    get another cat, stroke the pussy, get it jealous.
    Updated 24-01-2009 at 23:39 by Spider Pig
  4. Cheeky_Princess's Avatar
    ^ LOL

    awww i know how you feel.. i was never a cat person but my cuzin got a cat and it got diroyia and it scared my cuzinz and stuff it really is like having another kid in your house...

    Hmm i think its the old age.. my bros fiances cat is about 3 years old fat shit that is... but yh the old age is kicking in..

    whats the average age a cat lives too?
    Updated 25-01-2009 at 16:46 by Cheeky_Princess
  5. shaggy's Avatar
    12 i think. no it didnt work. =(
  6. Enchantress's Avatar
    Hmm, our lady cat does that sometimes, gets in the smallest gap n doesnt come out for ages.. I'm guessing she doesn't go in the travel cage often?

    What had happened to her neck btw? Bitten by another cat? Maybe the fight, the cage, the vets.. it all scared her a bit much... Try just going back to the routine.. do what you normally do with her... Do you tend to pick her up a lot? I know it sounds mad, but talk to her.. she'll know you're there, but not there to hurt her...

    Does she have toys? Try playing with her... once she's used to being back in the house, getting food & water as normal, she should relax...

    Let me know how it goes
  7. shaggy's Avatar
  8. Enchantress's Avatar
    Lol, good to hear
  9. Spider Pig's Avatar
    good, now fix your keyboard because the caps lock is very annoying
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