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Madly Blooming

drug-induced happiness.

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Now im bein dead serious, i thought about it after some dude told me the feeling when he got high with some premium weed, tellin me its like the best feeling he ever had, he saw the world clearer, etc. at first it was funny n im thinkin, has this kid ever felt anything without being chemically induced? ever thought to yourself after some experience, deep reflection, some realization of who you are or really lost yourself in a moment that it was so vivid but blurred everything out around you?

how many of us find happiness in each other anymore, really...whats your excuse?

some people have that gratifying sense of ..."higher experience" when they're involved heavily in something they love, like a dancer who doesnt even remember who they are or what time it is or where they are, they just know theyre dancing and thats all that matters.

i just dont believe that you can sit there doin shit all but pourin things into your body that can make you feel a happiness or clarity, its all fake to me. it requires experience. i see this type of comment more with ppl who have barely experienced anything in their lives, its just mommy n daddy lookin after them while they go school n then get married, nothing ever happens to them but theyre happy. im not sure if im makin sense. im not sure what im asking.

i know im takin a stab at the spoiled kids again, i really do have something against them that i cant ever let go. if you have so much offered to you, why dont you take advantage of it and make the best of it you can? its some of us actually work our asses off to our bones to just have the financial ability to go to school some people dont have healthy parents. some people appreciate every person and thing they gain, because they know how much it took to gain something or someone like that. and what do the others do? throw people away like they don't matter whatsoever, fail school bcuz theyre too busy gettin drunk/high/whatever, n take life as a train that never leaves its station.

i dont think some people realize it all til theyre older, much older, n see which friends stick around, realize what theyve really accomplished, how much they really had, til its all disappeared.

now im strayin off topic. im just pissed at these types of actions, because i dont have what they have, n i never will. i dont feel like they deserve it all. some people take everythin seriously out of appreciation and value, some bat their lashes and go on their way bein as ignorant til the end of their days...

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