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Crazy Receptionist..!

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Why did I have to take on the task of helping her with an IT problem?

Went down to help her set up her Netmeeting so another colleague can remote into her machine. Asked her if she uses her Office Communicator (on the offchance she might though pretty obvious she wouldn't!) Security guard laughed and said she wouldn't know what it is to which I laughed and replied "Didn't think she would but on the offchance thought she might" She then replied "No I don't what is that? I don't know what it is" I laughed and said "never mind".

Just trying to imagine what would happen if we were to set up Office Communicator for her and explain how it works..! Can imagine her reaction along the lines of "OOOOH wow..!! I didn't know you could do that. That's amazing..!"

Still wondering how on earth she got the receptionist job when she can't even follow basic intructions. Worse, she had to turn around to look at the board behind her when someone on the phone asked how the company name is spelt after working here good few years..!

She's hilarious though..! Cracks everyone right up..!

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