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Unreal Tournament 3
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Thread: Unreal Tournament 3

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    Default Unreal Tournament 3

    Boys I would recommend this game. It's like CSS but just without all the tactics it's just go out on the field and kill as many as you can as you automatically respawn after you die.

    Minimum system requirements are:

    Single core processor @ 2GHZ
    512MB RAM
    nVidia 6200 or better or Radeon 9600 or better
    8GB install

    Recommended system requirements are:

    Dual core processor @ 2.4GHZ
    1GB RAM
    nVidia 7800GTX or better or Radeon x1300 or better
    8GB install

    It's about £20 to buy. You could download it like T did (it's 6.86GB) but I just got pissed off after 3 or 4 days of downloading and no wankers were seeding.
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    i played the demo its kick asss...

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    good game i love it!!!

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