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Attention all Desi Clan members!
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Thread: Attention all Desi Clan members!

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    Default Attention all Desi Clan members!

    Hello ladies and gentlemen of the clan

    Before you start posting in Desi Clan section please take a few moments reading this important message..

    Desi Clan rules and guidelines:

    - Making threads which are not related to gaming will be deleted
    - Posts which go off topic or just spam will be deleted
    - Im sure there's a restriction in place but if we get non members in here their posts/threads will be deleted
    - Rude/violent behaviour towards other members will not be tolerated and a ban will be issued if its serious

    - Moderating team can and will change/delete your posts/threads as they see fit providing they give a valid reason

    Other than that enjoy posting and promoting Desi Clan when gaming!

    The Management
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