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  1. dry eyes

    you ever jus wna got the gulp in the throat and the emotions running high..but tears jus dont flow from your eyes? do you get that? its horrible isnt it..cos you then start getin this painful feelin in ya head yoru stomach and everywhere else for dat matter......its funny cos i never thought itd be hard for sumone like me to cry..but these days i jus cant..even when i think itll help relieve all the pressure..

    yeah need to reply..jus takin(typin) out ...
  2. no rest for the wicked...

    is it jus me or is the world running at an unbelievable speed? am i the only one findin it remarkably hard to keep up? why must i run when i havent learnt to walk the way i want you yet? why must i walk at a pace others are walkin...ive filled my own shoes yet the fit jus doesnt seem right..

    i dont wna run anymore..let me be.

    i want to be.

    i want to stop.
  3. tis eid.

    well its eid today...tis been a very eventful day my friends car got toed away and then i get so much verbal abbuse from my big great my eid has been.

    why is it that evryones gets all mooody and depressed on eid?

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